Affinity Windows is the culmination of 3 generations in the window and door manufacturing process combined with over 200 years of production experience within our management teams. We are all seasoned professionals that focus on exceeding our customer’s expectations at every level of our product offerings and customer services.

The principals of the company are Craig Seller, President and John Pieczkolon, Vice President.

Craig began his career by working in his father’s window plant, Dakim Manufacturing which was founded in 1964. Jerry Seller was a pioneer in replacement window manufacturing, owning and operating one of the first replacement window plants on the east coast. Craig worked throughout the entire plant, learning the business from the bottom up. During his college years, Craig explored an opportunity in the physically demanding but lucrative field of window installations. After 3 years, he became a highly preferred expert window installer who was contracted by many local window companies

Additionally, Craig has personally trained many of the finest window installers working in the Philadelphia area today. After 11 years of installing windows, Craig saw a significant opportunity in the window manufacturing industry. After Jerry Seller passed away in 1974, Craig continued to install windows running 6 trucks. In 1981 he discontinued installing windows and opened the Weather-Tite Manufacturing Corporation in a 3,000 square foot building in Philadelphia. He began by selling aluminum bow and bay window products to local window manufacturers, and offered the unique service of installing them as well.

Within a couple of years, Weather-Tite became an enormous success with our customers. At that time, we incorporated a complete product line of vinyl replacement windows to complement our line of bow and bay products and by 1985 became a full service window manufacturer. The new product line consisted of: double-hung, slider, casement, awning, and picture windows, as well as the afore-mentioned bow and bay windows, helping to satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

By 1987, Weather-Tite was in its third phase and transitioned into yet another larger building in Philadelphia. It is at this time when we made one of our most important decisions in Weather-Tite’s history. We were one of the first in the U.S. to begin extruding our own vinyl material, operating 2 twin screw extrusion lines.

In 2000, Mr. Seller introduced lean manufacturing to the production facility, using the Japanese method of “Kaizen”, meaning “continuous improvement.” The Kaizen method focuses on efficient manufacturing and eliminating production defects by scrutinizing even the most minute details of all products and processes. This method helped boost Toyota to the world’s largest and highest quality automotive manufacturer at that time. Likewise, we realized huge improvements in productivity, safety, and quality.

In 2008 Mr. Seller departed Weather-Tite to begin planning a new venture with his sons and a new partner John Pieczkolon CPA. The purpose of this new venture was to raise the level of the existing products in the market and produce America’s highest Quality, best performing window and door products. To that end we contracted with the nation’s highest quality suppliers of all components used in our Energex Window and Door products.

Our Goal is to provide our customers with a product that is pleasing to the eye, structurally sound, energy efficient, yet rigorous enough to stand the test of time.